Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Tie-Down Close

The tie down close is used to demand an affirmative response("getting a yes")from the buyer. Almost any question can be phrased as a tie-down close. Tie downs closes usually end in "wouldn't you, couldn't you, isn't it, don't they, cant't you, etc..."
For example:
Instead of "Is it raining today?" say "It's raining today isn't it?"
Instead of "Are you local?" say "You're local aren't you?"
Instead of "have you heard of my company?" say "You've heard of my company, haven't you."
Try it with these questions below.

"Can we go to the store?."
"Do you want some cake?"
"Does that make sense?"

Be careful when using the tie down close. You must sound sincere, otherwise it will sound pushy.

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Next time: The reverse tie-down close

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Listen More than you talk

This is a pretty self evident one, but it took me a long time to figure out, until a co-worker said it like this, "While you're talking, they're not listening. They're thinking up the next reason they shouldn't buy"
So make sure you keep it short and sweet. Remember the old saying, "Talk Long, Talk Wrong." Make sure you get them to open up to you. If you do this, they will tell you how to sell them.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SELL FOR THEM-because they don't give a s**t(or f**k)about you

If you don't get that next sale, you might not be able to take that trip you planned. If that big deal you're counting on falls through, you might have to cancel your big day with the family.
Guess what? Nobody Cares.
Your prospect? They're too busy worrying about their vacation and their family. So what that means for you is that if you really want the customer to buy you, then you'll have to tune in to their frequency - WIFM(What's in it for Me?)
It is especially important to remind the buyer what they will gain from doing business with you once the price has been mentioned.
"Why don't we just try each other out? That way you can start seeing better results."
Remember. It's only money until it's your money. And you're not going to spend money without the promise of benefits. Neither are your clients.
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Because I Said So

Remember when you were a child and you would ask your parents over and over again, "Why?" and they would say, "Because!"

Believe it or not, chances are that the same subconscious trigger still works with you as an adult, because I have sold to a lot of prospects using one simple word, "Because."

Because we have heard that word so many times in our past, many of us still respond to it today.

I use the word, "Because" so blatantly, that I won't even tell a customer a price without using that one golden word. "The price per unit is $x.xx, Mr. Customer, because once I give it to you, I can't give it to anyone else."

Happy Selling...and remember to choose your words wisely, because it means the difference between a mediocre commission check and a great one.

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Relax and Have Fun.

If you found this site looking for killer closing techniques, you've come to the right place. In my studies, I have learned countless of tips, tricks and techniques that work...and work well.

But there's one thing to remember....

You can read every book every written about sales and master every technique to a science, but if you're stressed out or angry all the time, you might find most of the prospects you talk to will be angry. But if you can teach yourself to become calm, confident and completely at ease, you will notice your prospects will also become relaxed...even when you tell them your price.

Is it magic? No. Its....YOU.

I'm sure you've heard the old cliche, "You have to sell yourself first." Another way to say it is, "If you're an asshole then you don't have anything to offer."

So if you found this page because you're feeling burned out and needed a boost, then you're already taking the right action. Most people never decide to make the changes they need to be successful.


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