Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SELL FOR THEM-because they don't give a s**t(or f**k)about you

If you don't get that next sale, you might not be able to take that trip you planned. If that big deal you're counting on falls through, you might have to cancel your big day with the family.
Guess what? Nobody Cares.
Your prospect? They're too busy worrying about their vacation and their family. So what that means for you is that if you really want the customer to buy you, then you'll have to tune in to their frequency - WIFM(What's in it for Me?)
It is especially important to remind the buyer what they will gain from doing business with you once the price has been mentioned.
"Why don't we just try each other out? That way you can start seeing better results."
Remember. It's only money until it's your money. And you're not going to spend money without the promise of benefits. Neither are your clients.
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